NAAAP- NY Collegiate Chapter


collegiate_wordcloudPurpose: Why we do what we do?


The NAAAP-NY Collegiate Chapter Initiative aims to cultivate and empower future leaders for professional excellence in the workforce and Asian-American community by inspiring fellow students to make a meaningful difference at universities as well as providing resources and guidance focused on professional development and community services.


How: What allows us to successfully carry out our initiative?

Leveraging students’ strengths

TalentA special or innate ability or aptitude; capacity for achievement for success.

We are committed to attract highly motivated students.
KnowledgeFact, information and skills acquired through experience and education.

We are committed to further student knowledge through mentorship program, professional speakers and networking events.
SkillA learned ability, coming from knowledge, practice and aptitude, to do something well.

We are committed to help students to develop the necessary skills for them to become future leaders in the professional world.
InvestmentTime spent practicing, developing students' skills and building knowledge base.
StrengthsInspire leaders to make a meaningful difference in their community and professional workforce.


Mentorship Program
Speaker/Networking Series
Professional Development Workshops
This program will provide real world exposure to the working world through a mentorship that focuses on professional and career development. Students will be paired with alumni who are currently in the professional field.A series of speaker / networking events of leaders telling inspiring and success stories.  These innovative sessions will be led by a NAAAP leadership and open to the audience, encouraging dialogue with the speakers. This is a great opportunity for students to meet professionals in different industries and levels of experience. A series of workshops and talks to develop student base into leaders and contributing to the community. These events can be anything from resume and interview skills enhancement workshops to workplace attire workshops.
Being a good neighbor by assisting local nonprofit organizations is an important part of NAAAP-NY's mission. We recognize the importance of individuals who make a positive difference in their communities through their volunteer efforts. Our volunteers strive for meaningful contributions toward supporting the “3 E’s” – education, entrepreneurship and environmental sustainability.
How to help?
Campus Lead
Today, time is one of our most cherished possessions. Why not use your time and talents to prepare college students for the professional world? As a mentor of the NAAAP-NY Collegiate Chapter, you will not only join a family of dedicated and caring individuals, but you will use your abilities to positively influence someone’s future. Get involved today!
You will make dreams possible by providing opportunities for students to understand the many career opportunities that are available in various professions. Students have the chance to meet professionals from your distinguished firms whom they may be interviewing with in the future. This also marks the beginning of the annual recruiting process as you are introduced to our students.
Your support for NAAAP Collegiate Chapter Initiative allows NAAAP-NY to recognize outstanding leadership, encourage academic excellence and offer support to students, enabling them to pursue their career goals. Gifts to the NAAAP-NY Collegiate Chapter Fund will make dreams possible for our students. Join us, and participate in our movement.
Are you a motivated student who is eager to make a meaningful difference at your university? Are you ready to further you leadership ability by running a collegiate chapter at your university? Are you dedicated to helping your fellow students and for the betterment of your community? Join us and help us bring our chapter to your university.


NAAAP-NY Collegiate Chapter is currently at the following school(s):


  • UAlbanyUniversity at Albany, State University of New York






For more information on the NAAAP-NY Collegiate Chapter Initiative, contact Victor Chen, NAAAP-NY VP of Campus Relations, at: