NAAAP- NY Collegiate Chapter

collegiate_wordcloudPurpose: Why we do what we do?


The NAAAP-NY Collegiate Chapter Initiative aims to cultivate and empower future leaders for professional excellence in the workforce and Asian-American community by inspiring fellow students to make a meaningful difference at universities as well as providing resources and guidance focused on professional development and community services.


How: What allows us to successfully carry out our initiative?

Leveraging students’ strengths

TalentA special or innate ability or aptitude; capacity for achievement for success.

We are committed to attract highly motivated students.
KnowledgeFact, information and skills acquired through experience and education.

We are committed to further student knowledge through mentorship program, professional speakers and networking events.
SkillA learned ability, coming from knowledge, practice and aptitude, to do something well.

We are committed to help students to develop the necessary skills for them to become future leaders in the professional world.
InvestmentTime spent practicing, developing students' skills and building knowledge base.
StrengthsInspire leaders to make a meaningful difference in their community and professional workforce.


NAAAP-NY Collegiate Chapter is currently at the following schools in New York:

  • University at Albany, State University of New York



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